Expand Your Study Circle With Students Social Networking

April 2, 2010

Internet is driving millions of individuals to gather and share first-hand information and experiences about a variety of topics with other people. Students using social networking sites are actually practicing the 21st century skills to become more successful and live a momentous life.

Social networking websites are the virtual meeting places where students can discuss on different topics, share information, and exchange files and pictures. There are some people who use these sites as a platform to meet long lost friends and batch mates, whereas there are others for whom it becomes a bridge to meet their future love. Some people also use these websites to promote their blogs and services, which is an effective way of Business Marketing Online. The professionals, use this as a medium to raise their visibility, get noticed, tell about their company, service, and get more clients.

Social networking sites offer more than just social fulfillment or professional networking; they also have implications for educators, who now have a vast opportunity to support what students are learning on the websites. Knowing what skills students are learning, and what experiences they are being exposed to, educators are being able to foster and extend those skills.

There are some wonderful social networking sites that provide students, professionals and businesses alike, a perfect platform to stay connected. They register a large number of people every day for the purpose of re-uniting the old acquaintances and building fresh set of contacts. Students using these social networking sites benefit greatly in terms of:

  • Being able to best acquire the technology skills as the top lesson, followed by creativity, being open to new or diverse views and communication skills.
  • Being able to tap the academic and professional networking opportunities that these websites provide.
  • For some, this has provided a way to develop a positive attitude towards using technology systems, editing and customizing content and thinking about online design and layout. They are also sharing creative original work like poetry and film and practicing safe and responsible use of information and technology.

Thus, these Social Networking Sites offer tremendous educational potential, in that not only students make new friends online, but they also learn about diverse cultures and new languages.

So, join a good Friends Online Community and bring all your aspirations to life!


Re-kindle Your Old Ties With Social Networking Sites

April 2, 2010

Despite its vast size and complexity, the Internet has turned out to be a profoundly personal phenomenon. People around the globe are forming networks based on every conceivable common interest, from the serious and practical to the outright amusing. And the movement is only continuing to grow!

Social Networking is the way the 21st century communicates now.  Social networking sites offer opportunities to post a host of personal and professional experiences, information, and even photos. These websites function like an online community of Internet users, who share common interests in hobbies, religion, politics, or any other subject. As soon as a person joins this website, he/she can begin to socialize, which includes reading the profile pages of other members and possibly even contacting them. Making friends online or finding lost friends are just one of the many benefits of social networking online; the other benefits include promoting diversity because this makes the interaction possible between individuals from all around the world.

There are some distinguished Social Networking websites that offer Friends’ Online Community, a space where people can communicate and exchange personal information such as age, gender, location, interests, and perhaps a picture, for the purpose of friendship. Individuals can join these sites for free, and gain access to features like blogs, forums, groups, ratings, photo upload, live chats, news, and much more. Some of the unique advantages offered by them for businesses, professionals, leaders & students include:

  • Low Cost Business Marketing Online: The site offers a low-cost way for business people to expand their contact base to whom they can advertise with banners and text ads as well as through direct email and instant messaging. The networking service provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to operate globally without the financial cost.
  • Develops Meaningful Connections: Establishing professional working relationships with instructors not only provides students with a better experience on their classes, but also lays the groundwork for solid references after graduation.
  • Builds Credibility: Being able to connect to people on both a personal and professional level using Social Networking sites, leaders are able to gain enormous confidence of their targeted populations.

More and more people are becoming aware of the power of belonging to a network; each individual member contributes a small part, so that the resulting body of knowledge is much greater than that which any individual member could have amassed on his own.

So, develop fresh connections using a Social Networking site, and gain exposure to a whole new world!